Save a Life by Doing Blood Tests

A young man, 13 years of age, was brought into my clinic by his distraught mother. She had taken him to the emergency room two days earlier because he had a cough and high fever. The physician at the hospital prescribed Z-Pak which had no effect. The patient continued to cough and his fever persisted.

When I saw the condition of the patient, I gave him a chest x-ray which was normal. I also performed a blood test which I sent to the lab. I prescribed Ceftin.

I soon received a call from the lab which informed me that his hemoglobin count was only 6.2 which is considered extremely low. Soon after, I received yet another call from the lab about his blood chemistry. They stated his creatinine was 20.0 and BUN was 170.

I was not expecting such a critical results. I called him right away and talked to his mom and advised to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

The patient was immediately admitted and diagnosed with renal failure. He received a blood transfusion and a dialysis was performed because of his critical lab tests.

A simple blood test saved his life.

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