Migraine Headache-Herpes Zoster-Shingles

A 56 year old patient was seen by Dr. Usha Jain in our Urgent Care Clinic for having a migraine headache for 2 days. The patient stated that the headache was the worst headache of his life. The patient denied any other problems like fever, vision disturbances etc.

The patient was alert and oriented and the physical exam was normal. There was no indication for the reason for his headache. Dr. Jain explored to find out the cause for his headache and learned that he has some pimples on the right side of his head which were not visible because of hair. The patient was diagnosed with shingles and  was  given  a treatment of Valtrex. The patient responded well and headache was relieved.

All headache is not from migraine. Proper diagnosis and treatment is an art of medicine and all the patients do not follow the description of the book.


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