IUD Removal Urgent Care Walk in Clinic Orlando 32819

Dr. Jain at Urgent care in Dr. phillips removes an IUD of a patient who is 35 year old.

A 35 year old patient came to the urgent care clinic to get her IUD removed because she was having some problems because she had hormonal IUD Mirena that releases levonorgestrel, which is a form of the hormone progestin. The patient was examined by Dr. Jain and IUD was taken out and the patient as very happy because she did not have to wait for an appointment with the gynecologist.


Mirena IUD Hormonal





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EKG Medical Clearance Physical Walk in Clinic Orlando

EKG or cardiogram or electrocardiogram which may be required to do the pre-surgical clearance. Surgery clearance for plastic surgeon in Miami can be done in Orlando within a month before the surgery. Dr. Jain can do the medical clearance, blood tests, chest x-ray and EKG, all in one visit. The papers can be given to you in one to two days.

EKG is a tracing of the heart and is done by putting the electrodes on the chest and connecting with the wires. It takes five minutes for doing the EKG.

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Tick Bite Rash Dr. Jain Walk in Medical Clinic Orlando

A 58 yeas old lady was seen at the walk in medical center in orlando for tick bite and rash. The patient was visiting Orlando from North Carolina and found tick and rash. The rash was a patch about 1 by 2 inches in length on the breast which was itchy and spreading. Dr. Usha Jain examined the patient and looked at the picture of the tick which was provided by the patient. The patient was very diligent in taking pictures of the Tick and also of the rash on her breast.

The patient was diagnosed to have dermatitis secondary to the Tick bite and was treated with Doxycycline to prevent any illness which could be connected to tick which may be Lyme disease or Rockey Mountain spotted fever.

Proper prevention is very important after a tick bite. Dr. Jain had worked in the emergency room and is very familiar with tick bite and diseases secondary to tick bite. Prevention is a key.


Tick Bite Recognition

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Pain & Swelling of the Toe Gout Walk in Clinic Dr. Jain Orlando

Dr. Usha Jain is our medical director and our contact no is 407 876-5555.

The hours open are 9:30 to 6 pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 11 am to 1 pm and Sunday 12 pm to 1 pm.

Dr. Jain saw a patient with the complaint of pain in the great toe for two days and not able to walk. The toe is red and swollen and the patient is unable to walk without pain.The patient had plans to travel and was very difficult to even walk.

Swelling of the Foot from Gout










The patient has a similar episode three months ago on the other foot and was diagnosed with gout.

Dr. Jain drew blood which also included the tests for uric acid.

The patient had X rays of the foot which was normal.

The patient was diagnosed with gout which was triggered by the injury to the foot. The patient was treated with the injection of Dexamethasone and anti-inflammatory drugs. The patient was given Colchicine and also anti-inflammatory drugs.

Gout causes pain which is due to inflammation caused by the crystal of the uric acid in the joint. Crystals of uric acid gets accumulated in the joint when the uric acid level is high. The crystals can accumulate in the joint specially in the big toe, feet, ankles, wrists, knees or elbows. The crystals are the cause of infalmmation as they are very sharp and irritate the joint. The irritation causes the inflammatory response by the white blood cells to the affected joint in order to fix the problem but actually the inflammation gets worse because the white cells get affected by the sharp URIC ACID CRYSTALS.



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EKG For Medical Clearance for Surgery Walk in Clinic Orlando

Dr. Jain is a director for a walk in clinic in Orlando Florida and can provide the medical clearance for surgery and also for plastic surgery.

Our contact no. is 407 876-5555 and hours open are Monday to Friday 9:30 to 6 pm and Saturday 11 to 1 pm and Sunday 12 to 1 pm.

The EKG can be done on the same day and copy can be given at the same time to you or your doctor. Our doctor can do surgical clearance for your surgery.

Blood tests are required for the medical clearnce which also can be done at our medical center along with EKG.

We can take the credit card or cash for the payment.

All of these can be done without nay stress for you. EKG takes five minutes and does not involve any needles.  Blood tests are done without hurting you as our doctor is expert in drawing blood.


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Immigration USCIS Exam Dr. Jain 32819 32836 34786 32821

Dr. Usha Jain is a medical doctor at Emergi-Care Medical center. Dr. Jain can perform physical for immigration and green card, USCIS exams. Dr. Jain can give you a sealed envelop after the physical exam is done. Immigration physical involves physical exam, blood tests, urine tests for gonorrhea, TB test and vaccination.

You have to come in two days for TB test to be read, if the TB test is positive then chest x ray would need to be done. We can give you the report in three days if it is the weekdays.

We have been doing the immigration exams for years and we also provide you with the forms.



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Skin Growths and Removal Skin Tags Dr. Jain 32819 32836

Dr. Jain specializes in Emergency medicine and can do surgical removal of growths and tags. Tags and growths similar to tags are not cancerous but it can very distressful because of the cosmetic reasons. No worries, come and get it done by Dr. Jain who is very experienced in taking these out and have done many over the years. No appointment is even needed.

Skin Tags

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Dr. Usha Jain Marks Board Certification in Emergency Medicine 30 Years

Dr. Usha Jain [M.D.] marks 30 years of Board Certification in Emergency Medicine In 2017.

Orlando, FL February 25, 2018

Usha Jain M.D. has marked 30 years of being board certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). Because board certification is a voluntary process, this landmark reflects a dedication to the specialty of Emergency Medicine, the recognition of the value of board certification, her devotion to continuous learning, and the provision quality care to all patients.

To attain initial certification , Dr. Jain completed medical school as well as practice requirements in Emergency Medicine. This was followed by successful completion of multiple choice examination that covers the breadth of Emergency Medicine, and a half day oral examination. Certification is for period of 10 years.

To maintain certification, Dr. Jain participated in a program of continuous learning in the field of Emergency Medicine. The ABEM Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program consists of activities that assist certified physicians keep current in medical research, provide opportunities for practice improvement, and support appropriate communication and professionalism with the patients. In addition, physicians must also pass in high stakes, clinically-focused, comprehensive examination.

Dr. Jain attended M.G.M. Medical College in Indore, India and completed the residency training at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. Dr. Jain also specializes in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Jain has special interest in ANTI-Aging strategy by happiness and that can be achieved by dance music and arts. Dr. Jain has a passion about medicine and now also doing the photo shop and video editing. Dr. Jain has her heart in producing the movie to tribute God.

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Tiredness Dizziness Anemia Dr. Usha Jain Walk in Clinic Orlando

Tiredness can be an indication of serious disease. Blood test can save a life and blood tests can help in making the diagnosis which is essential for the proper treatment.

Dr. Jain saw a patient who was treated for the bronchitis and sinusitis. The blood tests were done to check the infection. Surprisingly, the patient was found to have hemoglobin of 7 g/dL. which indicates serious anemia.
The patient was advised to come immediately for further blood test to check the cause of anemia. The test showed Iron deficiency anemia and was due to excessive bleeding during the period. The patient also had deficiency of vitamin D.
The patient received the Iron injection (Infed) and the patient did well. The patient also received vitamin D injection.
Tiredness could be from many reasons and one of the reasons is anemia. The hemoglobin carries the oxygen to the tissues and when there is low hemoglobin levels then the cells do not get the optimum oxygen which is required for the function of the cells.
Patient can get tiredness, dizziness, shortness of breath and serious issues like strokes and heart attacks if the person is having any other underlying conditions like diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease.


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High Fever Flu Bronchitis Sinusitis Dr. Usha Jain Walk in Clinic Orlando

Real story of the patient who wanted Tamiflu to be called in but the patient was advised to be seen by the doctor rather than calling Tamiflu without seeing the patient.
The patient was seen at the walk in medical center for high fever, congestion, cough, bodyache. Dr. Jain examined the patient and ordered the blood tests and chest x-ray. The flu test was negative and the patient also had flu shot. The patient was treated for sinusitis and bronchitis with antibiotics and also IV was given as the patient was dehydrated from high fever. The patient felt better in about one hour from hydration.
Tamiflu was not given because the patient seems to have bacterial infection. Moreover, the patient had flu shot and flu test was also negative.


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Flu High Fever Serious Illness Dr. Jain Walk in Clinic Orlando

High fever can be very serious is serious. Every high fever is not always flu. Bacterial infection lik bronchitis and pnumonia can also caus high fever. The proper treatment is critical for any infection to stop the serious consequences. Flu should be distinguished from bacterial infection as untreated bacterial infection can lead serious complications. Sometimes flu can also be accompanied by pneumonia and both infections should be treated simultaneously. Dr. Usha Jain who is the medical director in the emergency clinic explores the possibility of flu and bacterial infection and treats accordingly. Dr. Jain specializes in emergency medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine.




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